Edmonton - a glance at the past, a vote for the future

{All images in this post via the City of Edmonton Archives}

Monday is a big day. Cast your ballot for Edmonton's future by voting in the municipal election.

On Monday, October 18 - VOTE.
Advance polls are open on Saturday at City Hall and polling stations in your actual ward. Find out where to vote.

Do your research and vote for the candidates that best share your vision for Edmonton.

Edmonton Elections 2010 Resources
City of Edmonton - Complete list of mayoralty, councillor and school board candidates. Voter information including wards information and where to vote.
ShareEdmonton - Candidates, events, issues and live twitter feeds.
EdmontonPolitics.com - A collaboration of Edmonton bloggers, journalists, and podcasters

What's your vision for public transportation in Edmonton?

The City Centre Airport has been a hotly debated topic - what vision do you support?

Do you support a downtown arena and entertainment district?

What future should we build for young Edmontonians?

Most importantly, just vote.