It takes the Cake - Edmonton’s Best Cupcake

After months of scouting out the best cupcake in Edmonton, it came down to a cupcake battleground (party!) to determine a winner. Judges arrived with a dozen cupcakes from Edmonton’s best cupcake bakeries – Flirt Cupcakes, Fuss Cupcakes, Whimsical Cake Studio, Sweet Krumblz, Big City Cupcakes, and Upper Crust Café.

A competition this sweet needed to be completed in rounds. Each tasting session focused on a classic cupcake flavour, and a complementary wine/liquor (thank you to deVine Wines & Spirits on 4th Street Promenade for recommending perfect pairings for sipping while tasting.)

Tastes like some winners...

Round #1: Fluffy vanilla cupcake topped icing rolled in flakes of coconut.
Winner:  Whimsical Cake Studio
The tart lemon sugar icing enhanced the coconut just right.

Round #2:  The ultimate classic - vanilla cake topped with vanilla icing.
Winner: Flirt Cupcakes
Simply the best cake – just the right amount vanilla flavouring!

Round #3: Vanilla cake with raspberry or strawberry frosting.
Winner: Fuss Cupcakes
Razz in the City has the yummiest raspberry butter cream frosting.

Round #4: Red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
Winner: Whimsical Cake Studio
The luxurious red velvet cupcake featured speckles of chocolate chips to enhance the cocoa.

Round #5: Chocolate addiction - chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
Winner: Whimsical Cake Studio (barely)
Preference in the chocolate category is really about what makes you go cuckoo for cocoa – dark or milk chocolate, rich or subtle, or perhaps cake stuffed with more chocolate (a la Big City Cupcake!).

This challenge has a sweet ending. All the cupcakes tasted were delicious, and really, each bakery shines with its twists on the standards. Nothing delivers sweetness like Big City Cupcakes’ Truffle – a chocolate cupcake filled with a ganache truffle centre topped with ganache icing and chocolate shavings. For a flavour surprise try the Limelight and Pucker Face from Sweet Krumblz. And, for a really big crowd pleaser, nothing beats the incredible size of cupcakes from Upper Crust Café.

Big City Cupcakes (Kingsway Mall, 780-477-6096,
Flirt Cupcakes (10158 82 Avenue, (780) 757-4899,
Fuss Cupcakes (Two locations: 17298 Stony Plain Road, (780) 444–8845 or 10441 - 82nd Avenue, (780) 761–3877,
Sweet Krumblz (6861 -170 Street, 780-486-2253,
Upper Crust Café (10909 86 Avenue ,780.758.5599,
Whimsical Bake Studio (8716 109 St, (780) 988-2253,