Mo Bros & Mo Sistas - It's Movember!

{Photos via optometrist, Dr. Ross McKenzie. In 2009, Dr. McKenzie's patients at Total Focus Kingsway Optometry raised over $1,000 for Movember)

Why, hello Moustache. Movember is here.

Mo Bros start Movember 1st clean-shaven and then for an entire month, Edmonton’s gentlemen remain dedicated and true to the cause of fine moustachery. Why? Movember challenges men to change the face of men’s health by raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer. The facts are alarming - 1 in 6 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Every day 70 Canadian men are diagnosed with the disease.

Edmonton’s Mo Bros are very mo-tivated; they’ve set a city-wide goal of raising $1 million dollars. Like most things in life, Mo Bros need help from their Mo Sistas.

Ways to support Movember and take care of the men in your life:

  • Join an Edmonton Movember team. 
  • Donate to every Mo Bro who asks you - lots of small donations make a big difference!
  • Buy yourself some mo’ merchandise. Nothing says Mo-Love like a pave demistache necklace.
  • Pay ‘homme-age’ to your Mo Bro’s ego by complimenting his sparse “moustache’ in the early days.
  • Promote moustache style. Visit The Lodge for inspiration from moustache style icons.
  • Encourage your Mo Bro to stay on top of his game and see a doctor regularly.
  • Strive to be Edmonton’s Miss Movember
  • Get your Mo Sista’s together for a soiree (be inspired by the photos below from Kari Skelton’s Mo-tini Wishes & Mi-Mo-sa Dreams : A Mo Sista Soiree)
  • Attend Edmonton’s Gala Partés on December 3 at Oil City Roadhouse (10736 Jasper Ave). Buy Tickets ($10 each). 

Mo-tini Wishes & Mi-Mo-sa Dreams : A Mo Sista Soiree
Kari Skelton gathered Edmonton's most savvy women for a fun-filled evening at D'Lish Urban Kitchen & Wine Bar to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research. The night featured fabulous food, fundraising martinis and generous swag by sponsors. The night was a success - over $1500 raised!

All photos purchased via ryan + beth photographers.
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from the Mo Sista Soiree - 100% of the proceeds go to fight prostate cancer.

 {Spectacular Mo Sista organizer, Kari Skelton, with her Mo Bro, Ryan Jesperson}

{The team at D'Lish Urban Kitchen & Wine Bar created Movember inspired munchies}