If Cars could Talk...

Little Note (by editor, Kendall): I really believe personal style is reflected in all the decisions we make – from our aesthetic choices to our personalities. Initially, I dismissed the idea of writing about a car. But many people rightly pointed out that for some people, their car is integral to their style and definition of self. So, I imagined the style extension of the person who might choose to drive this car.

If your style statement reads - fun, spontaneous and eco-conscious with style influenced by a time in my life when I lived in Europe – then say bonjour to the Ford Fiesta.

The newly re-designed Fiesta is a refreshing departure from the Fiesta of decades past. Designed in Europe, it made its European roadway debut in 2008 and finally arrived in Canada this year. It’s already a market-leader in Europe and the number one selling foreign car in Italy.

This little car is actually worth driving. Perfect for city dwelling, this car maneuvers narrow downtown streets like a charm. On the highway, some small cars make you feel as nervous as wearing a bikini in the spring. This little car was not slow with “peppy” bursts of acceleration, but provided a smooth to drive. 

For gals like you (and me), this car has some notably fine features such as sync radio for hands-free talking, seven airbags (hooray for safety), heated seats (the only car in its class with this feature), tire pressure monitoring, seven interior colours to match your mood, and no fuel cap for easy re-fuelling.  

On the wish list for future Fiestas: backseats that fold down completely flat and lights on the vanity mirrors. If Ford is really listening - it’d be really cool to have a shoe holder in the driver’s door for my driving shoes.

If managing your budget includes funds for drinking lattes, traveling the world, and hitting the town, then consider a date (test drive) with the Ford Fiesta. Drive the car around town and send the world a little message about you.

Thank you to the folks at Waterloo Ford for allowing me the opportunity to meet and drive a Ford Fiesta.