Boxing Day - Big Hearts & Sales

For a list of Boxing Day sales see this week’s Style Dossier. Get ’em while they’re hot (i.e., now).

Before rushing out to shop (again), read this.

Boxing Day was once about giving to those in need. Poor folks used to carry empty boxes from door-to-door. The boxes were soon filled with food, left-over sweets, old clothing and money. In feudal times in the UK, the lord of the manor would ‘pay’ people who worked his land in the past year with boxes of practical goods, such as agricultural tools, food and cloth. These boxes were distributed the day after Christmas.

Boxing Day is observed by those countries that were once part of the British Empire. It’s for this reason; our neighbours to the south shop on Black Friday and take a pass on Boxing Day sales.

This year, support the tradition of Boxing Day. Take a box. Fill it. Give it away. The less fortunate of Edmonton will thank you.

With a freshly empty closet and a bigger heart, go shop the sales.