Daddy Dearest - Father's Day Gift Guide

Celebrate the man in your life this Father's Day with a gift that says ' Dad - You're the Greatest' - without buying the tacky mug. Here are some ideas sure to tell your pops you think he's tops!

Coffee Subscription 
Give your dad a bean adventure with a six-month coffee subscription ($125) from Transcend Coffee. Each month a carefully selected ¾ lb of coffee will arrive in the mail for brewing.


Cheering for Socks 
If you have a long tradition of giving your dad socks for Father’s Day, keep it going with World Cup inspired Happy Socks ($16). Available at Holt Renfrew.


Do Together - Wine and Grill  
Bond together at Bin 104’s Wine and Grill night. Enjoy succlent, smoky foods and bold wine. Takes place Wednesday, June 23 at 7pm, $40/person.


Adventure Man 
Help your father battle the elements – wind, sun, sweat and water while he is hiking, biking and running with Kiehls’ Cross-Terrain UV Sun Protector SPF 50. Kiehls is located in Southgate Mall.