Country Cuisine Event - TASTE! of Summer

Just for a moment reminisce over summer trips to your grandparents' farm. Remember enjoying strawberries right off the vines, homemade jams, real whipped cream, and handmade burgers? The folks who attended Country Cuisine Taste of Summer didn't have any imagining to do. Rural producers and locally-inspired chefs produced the most delectable dishes using only farm-fresh ingredients.

This year's event took place at the beautiful St. Albert Botanic Park where picnic tables were hidden between rows of roses. Popular menu items included Alpaca burgers with Saskatoon chutney, cran-apple-sage sausage rolls, dilly-garlic roasted potatoes, raspberry-rhubarb crisp, chocolate dipped bacon, mini cinnamon buns, and strawberry shortcake. Delicious!

Don't miss your next chance to eat without the planting and harvesting at the 2nd Annual Country Cuisine: Tomato Fare! in Sherwood Park on Sunday, August 15 from 4-7pm. Tickets already on sale.


{Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm Menu}

{Prairie Gardens - Bowls of delicious farm, fresh strawberries}

{St. Albert's Dinner Factory's freshly baked rhubarb crisp}

{Alberta's en Santé is Alberta's organic-fruit wines and Alley Kat beers}

{Dandee Confections chocolate dipped Serben Free-Range bacon strips)

{Callebaut chocolate covered strawberries from Dandee Confections}