Keep the Ball Rolling

{Little Bear & I at the Capitals Baseball Game}

It took a long time to attend an Edmonton Capitals Baseball game. Why? I don't like baseball. It's slow, boring and the rules are beyond me. Last night proved me all-wrong. It started with $4 beers and a plastic baseball cap full of ice cream. The turning point was a contentious call on first base by the umpire. Angry players. Cursing coaches. It was good. The Capitals were attempting to break a league record for most the consecutive wins. It came down to the final pitch - bases were loaded, full count. A grand slam and the record was ours! ... we lost. 

Forever retracting my 'baseball is boring' statement. Can't wait for the next Capitals game!

Side Note: Why do the base coaches wear uniforms? Looks rather odd. Imagine Pat Quinn on the bench in a jersey

{Beer only $4. Go on Wiener Wednesday for a $2 hot dog}

{Ice cream sundae in mini-Capitals ball cap. Cookies n' cream, fudge, extra cookies, whip cream - for only $3.75.}

{We need to fill the stands - the more people, the more fun!}