Marathon Ready - Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon

Hill repeats. Rainy weather. Speed workouts. Long runs. Missed nights out. All to arrive here - at the startline for the 2010 Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon.

Gunshot. And the runners are off, propelled by whistles, cheers, and adrenaline. The next 10km, 21.1km or 42.2km will be on the brand new, incredibly flat, super fast marathon course. The out and back course should provide lots of opportunities to cheer on other runners.

Fans, get out your cowbells and find a spot along the route (maps).Marathon starts at 7:30am, half-marathon follows at 8am.

To all the runners, good luck on Sunday, August 22nd.

Below some of my running essentials - cute outfits, training technology, words of advice, and fuel. See you on the half-marathon route!



Marathon Running