artsScene Edmonton: Summer Patio Party + Behind the Scenes: Fairmont Hotel MacDonald.

Do you ever wonder about the history of the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald? Have your parents spoke of the great art and furniture sale of 1983 when the Hotel MacDonald closed its doors and lost many of its treasures? While eating brunch in the Empire Ballroom do you contemplate why so many women’s necklaces adorn the chandeliers above?

Mysteries and secrets were revealed to those of us lucky enough to attend artsScene Edmonton’s sold-out patio party and behind the scenes tour of the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald.

The crowd was outstanding – a well-articulated, creative, insanely well-dressed group of Edmonton’s up and coming.

The venue soaked in rich history. The party was held in the Wedgwood Room, a beautiful room with a domed ceiling ornamented with the intricate work of Wedgwood china. The room featured local talent including Sarah Jackson (freelance illustrator and designer), Jerrod Dubyk Jazz Trio and Mindy Cooper (DJ Sweetz). The behind the scenes tour of the Hotel MacDonald lead us into $1,000 per night rooms, the kitchens, grand rooms, and hidden corridors - every turn with a new story. 

The organizers nailed the right vibe, the right scene and the right crowd. Staying true to its mandate of bring together young creative and business professionals, artsScene Edmonton is bound to unleash a new standard in Edmonton’s arts creative community.

Sipping ladies at artsScene Edmonton event.

In the Empire Ballroom with the tour guide.

Wealthy men used to remove necklaces from women and toss the necklaces into the Empire Ballroom chandeliers as a demonstration of wealth.

Sarah Jackson highlights her new project “Angles of Love” at the event.