Roasted Potatoes - Green Eggs and Ham

When this little city gal goes to the farmers’ market, I marvel at the vegetables and stare confusingly at the potatoes. I am lost between the Yukon gold, rosy red, white almond, norland, and russet (yes, all varieties of potatoes) and the cooking instructions for each type of potato – best for boiling, mashing, roasting or steaming.

At Green Eggs and Ham, my fear of the potato dissolves. The farmer recommends the popular white almond potato. She also provides cooking instructions – do not boil these potatoes as the skin is thin.  For the yummiest potatoes roast with healthy duck fat (also sold by Green Eggs and Ham). So, I purchase the potatoes and duck fat.

At home, I cut the potatoes in half, toss with fresh herbs and minced garlic, add a bit of duck fat and roast them for 30 minutes at 450°F. Still hot from the oven, I add a pinch of kosher salt. The result – delicious potatoes bursting with flavour and a city girl who finally understands the tastiness of a locally grown potato.

About Green Eggs and Ham
Greens Eggs and Ham is a 10 acre mixed farm near the Edmonton International Airport. This little farm believes in a sustainable approach to farming where beets are not red and carrots are not orange but rather purple, red, and yellow. As true food artisans and supporters of local food, Green Eggs and Ham challenges us to name our farmer. Green Eggs and Ham products are available for purchase here and served on the menus of these fine restaurants.

Bag of white almond potatoes.Garlic and fresh herbs - rosemary, parsley and thyme.Duck fat (also purchased from Green Eggs and Ham)Roasted white almond potatoes.