Western Canada Fashion Week

Western Canada Fashion Week

What: It’s showtime! Eight days of runway shows featuring lines from local, Canadian and international top designers.
Why: Creative chaos takes over Edmonton. You’ll get to know and love the designers – and be fashionably chic in the newest trends.
Where: Westbury Theater at the Transalta Arts Barn (10330 – 84 ave)
When: Thursday, Sept 16 – Thursday, Sept 23. Tickets $20 at door. Buy a week pass $87.
Time: Nightly runway shows at 8pm (doors open at 7pm)

Complete designer bios and more information at westerncanadafashionweek.com


Thursday, September 16 at 8pm
Marvel College Design Showcase
Featuring Nomin Ganturmur,  Yasmin Bhulyan,  Laura Molina,  Tanya Evans,  Claudia Perez,  Shaheen Nasseri, Nicole Gareau, Rosa Torres, Irene Rex, Rachael Trelor, Sarah King, Carley Robson, Thanh Van Lam, Jessilyn Steinwand, Christina Holder, and Catherine Carriere.

Friday September 17 at 8pm
Aaron Janzen – Haus of Janzen, Cherie Howard
Stylist Contest sponsored by Goodwill Industries - Tae Belcourt (Winner April 2010)
Emerging Designer Contest & Joanne Kim (winner April 2010)

Saturday September 18 at 8pm
Sid Neigum
Luxx by Derek Jagodzinsky
E squared – Menswear
Joeffer Caoc presented by My Filosophy (Toronto)
Lanvin – Menswear presented by Henry Singer (Paris)

Sunday September 19 at 8pm
Salon Showcase
TUSH Lingerie
Salon Montage
Eveline Charles Academy
MC College
Ricci Hair Co.
Twisted Banana

Monday September 20 at 8pm
Make Up Showcase
featuring Make Up For Ever Professional by Dannica Lamoureau, Vegas Nights by Kerris Yarmuch & Nelly Yaghi
Fantasy Make-Up Competition
featuring Numa International Institute of Makeup and Design
Fantasy Hair Competition
Collection: Temna Fialka by Natasha Lazarovic
Costume Design Contest and Kendra MacKenzie (Winner April 2010)

Tuesday September 21 at 8pm
Celebrity Showcase
Rebecka Pichoch
Malorie Urbanovitch
Kaadiki (Calgary)
Nazila Couture

Wednesday September 22 at 8pm
Just Me Jenna Marie
Ephram di Medicci
Lisa Marie Schiroli
Golden Fish Swimwear (Quebec)
Kelly Madden

Thursday September 23 at 8pm
Ula (Toronto)
Emogene Couture (Calgary)
Serendipity by Kelsey McIntyre
Susana Erazo and Karamea(Toronto)
Michael Kaye Couture (New York)