Careit Urban Deli - Healthy Takeout

Daily Careit Urban Deli menu board.

Nestled in the Hamptons and Crestwood, is the delicious, healthy Careit Urban Deli. The promise – you’ll never feel the same about takeout.

For lunch have a deli sandwich featuring fresh roasted chicken, or enjoy the convenience of a fresh spinach salad with goji berry dressing. Pair your main with a daily, homemade soup.

From the butcher take home the top cuts of meat from local producers around Edmonton. Decisions are difficult when choosing between the Spring Creek Ranch beef tenderloin, or goat cheese and spinach stuffed salmon. Add in sides like coconut rice with kaffir lime leaves or roasted red pepper and feta mashed potatoes. For dessert have the caramel apple bread pudding.

As if that wasn’t good enough, local Red Seal Chefs Cam Jordan, Louis Charles Hamel and Sarah Radloff prepare dishes featuring ingredients that are grown or made in Alberta.

Careit Urban Deli
The Hamptons (5236 - 199 St. Hemingway Plaza, 780.486.1123)
Crestwood (
9672 142 Street, 780.488.1110)
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Goat cheese and spinach stuffed salmon.Showcase of the top cuts of meat from local producers around EdmontonBaked mini cherry pie perfect for after dinner. Stock up on local produce when the farmers' markets close for the season.

Careit Urban Deli in Crestwood.