Zuchinni Harvest

Early autumn has gardens bursting with zucchinis. The farmers’ markets are selling zucchinis of all sizes, and my sister’s garden grew such a hefty crop, she’s giving zucchinis away! With a fridge full of zucchinis, I’ve been trying to find creative ways to eat the vegetable. Here’s just a little sampling of the tasty recipes.

I used this recipe to bake chocolate zucchini cupcakes. The  zucchini keeps the cake moist and boosts the nutritional content. Smothering the cupcakes in cream white chocolate cheese icing destroyed all healthy ambitions.

The September/October issue of The Tomato has a two-page “All Hail the Zuk” recipe spread dedicated to the zucchini. Motivated by the simplicity of the recipe for the zucchini and beet latkes, I tossed grated zucchini and beets in a bowl with chopped onions, flour baking powder and a touch of salt and pepper. I pressed round balls into an oil frying pan to create a pancake-like treat. 

Embracing the final summer days of the BBQ, I made grilled zucchini. Length-wise strips zucchini were lightly brushed with butter and topped with minced garlic, chopped parsley and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.