Preview: Somerville Wine Room

Tucked into one of Edmonton’s most delightful areas on 124 Street, the small new establishment uncorks the finest wines alongside small plates.

The opening menu is comprised of grilled cheese dishes, other pairings and sweet endings. Try the baked brie, the Spanish manchego, or a plate of artisan cheese. For a sweet finish, order the goat cheese and blackberry blancmange. The full menu will be launching near the end of January, when Chef Neil Chamberlain arrives to perfect it.

The concept for Somerville Wine Room belongs to local songstress and actor Sheri Somerville. Rumors are a piano will soon move into the small venue to provide live music, including appearances by the owner.

Somerville Wine Room is full of old-world charm. The high-back chairs, dazzling chandeliers and glowing globes exude warmth and coziness. Arrive early to nab a spot one of the 38 seats and settle in for the entire night.

Somerville Wine Room (10723 124 Street, 780 454 9463,