2011 Embrace List

Hello 2011, you’ve arrived so suddenly.

Resolutions are swell. We’re all about resolution-fulfilling yoga, healthy eating, and better financial management. But, with a 12% success rate, we’re tossing aside resolutions in favour of our 2011 Embrace List.

Embrace Winter Fashion
Edmonton is cold and snowy. Staying warm is vital (we get it). So, embrace cashmere scarves, chic faux-fur hats, Canadian-made winter jackets and boots. Spend the cold months looking stylish, not hiding behind layers of frumpy.

Embrace Local Shops & Eats
Living local matters. Local businesses
cultivate creativity and style our lives. Eat locally and emerging chefs will stay in Edmonton to open their innovative dinning concepts. Local boutiques fashion our wardrobes with highly coveted limited collections. Shop locally, and you won’t show up at work wearing the same sweater your co-worker bought on sale at the mall.

Embrace Edmonton
The Oilers, the weather and hating on Edmonton are top conversation topics around here. Why all the hate? In 2011, go pro-Edmonton. Start telling people about the greatness of our city. Suddenly our lower mainland friends will want to visit. Top talent will move (and stay) here. Most importantly, we’ll start creating and living in a city we all believe in. So, start bragging about Edmonton.

That's a wrap on our Embrace 2011 List.

Are you with us?