Cora, A Guaranteed Good Time

It’s Saturday morning and you’re feeling a little tired and groggy…to be fair, the lack of “get-up-and-go” you’re experiencing is due to that second bottle of red that was shared amongst friends the night before.  Whatever the reason, you’re famished and need to feel better, so where do you go?  Cora, of course!

Cora, with four Edmonton and area locations, is a franchised breakfast and lunch restaurant that focuses on fresh food, full plates, and great atmosphere. The restaurant’s ability to deliver a meal presentation EXACTLY as is shown in the menu photo is what makes Cora a City and Dale favorite.  That means fruit, fruit, and more fruit…with a side of fruit.

You want strawberries, order the Strawberry Waffles and prepare to be stunned by the heaping of fresh fruit goodness stacked on your place. Eggs are your favorite?  Ask for the Peggy’s Poached and enjoy the double serving of fruit and the side of cottage cheese topped with even more fruit! Omelettes, eggs, crepes, waffles…Cora’s has it all.  With fantastic staff, a great concept, and delicious food, Cora’s will not disappoint. 

Here’s your Saturday morning fix: crawl out of bed, grab your loved ones, and take advantage of all that Cora has to offer.

Where: Cora Restaurant (
When: Monday to Saturday:  6 am – 3 pm, Sunday:  7 am – 3 pm