City Camping: Huetten Palast Hotel in Berlin

Caravans. Cabins. Picnic Tables. Not exactly things you’d expect from your hotel in Berlin.

Huetten Palast Hotel proves being a happy camper doesn’t have to mean roughing it (or even the need to leave the city). So, book your flight and pack your rolling suitcase full of party clothes and makeup, and go “camping”.  You can book yourself into a pleasant cabin caravan or a rustic wooden hut.

And don’t worry, city slickers: This hotel has enough charms to overlook the shared washroom situation. Consider freshly perked coffee and still-hot croissants arriving outside your door each morning and a an ‘indoor playground’ to deliver the outdoorsy felling.

What: Huetten Palast Hotel & Cafe
Where: Berlin, Germany
Need to Know: The nightly rate for the caravans and cabins start at 40 Euros (single) and 60 Euros (double). Rates include coffee and croissants for breakfast.