Fall 2011 Makeup Trends: Simple & Bold


Makeup trends this Fall are all about being bold by keeping it simple. Runway faces displayed a fresh, natural looking canvas with a fun pop of color on the eyes or lips.

Here are the three key elements for your Fall makeup routine:

Fresh complexion – less is more!  Apply sheer makeup over clear skin with less contrasting blush or bronzer on cheeks. Use a highlighter for cheekbones and a softer blush.  It’s all about looking natural and fresh!

Bold brows  - Brows help add to the bold look by framing your eyes and allowing you to look more striking without heavy makeup.  Slightly ease off the waxing or tweezing for a fuller, natural brow.  Use a matte eye shadow that matches your brows and eyeliner or brow brushes to fill in spaces and make the brow line look solid and defined.

Choose one place to wear color – eyes or lips. Rich, wine colored lips make a statement when paired with neutral eye shadows and subtle eyeliner. Choose a sheer lipstick if you need to be eased into the trend. Option two is a natural looking, sheer lipstick paired with dramatic jewel toned eye shadow or thick eyeliner. 

* All images via style.com