Flaunt Fête: It's Fall Y'all

There are certain pleasures in life that we simply cannot overlook every year. Pumpkin spiced lattes, crunching leaves under over-the-knee boots, oversized infinite scarves. And there’s only one season that brings all these crisp joys together, ties them in a military-inspired autumn-winter wardrobe and delivers them on a pumpkin pie platter: autumn.

At your next event, check your thoughts of the next season (starts with a W and ends with “Inter”) at the door and indulge in seasonal pleasures that will make all your guests fall – in love that is.

  1. Pureed Butternut Squash Soup Recipe (Martha Stewart)
  2. Acorn Décor (Old Sweet Water Cottage)
  3. Caramel Apples (One Charming Party)
  4. Pumpkin Spice Home Fragrance (Aromatique)
  5. Autumn Leaf Wreath (Thrifty Décor Chick)
  6. Apple Cider Herbal Tea and Pumpkin Chai Red Tea (Crate& Barrel)