Hair Guide: Sixties Salute


1960s fashion is definitely making a return – The 60s influence was apparent on Fall 2011 runways and is even stronger on Spring 2012 runways.  Mad Men is holding strong after their 4th Emmy win for Best Drama, and has inspired other period-piece dramas like Pan Am and The Playboy Club to join in on this popularity. 

Why is everyone so attracted to this era’s style? It’s all in the details.

Back then, there was a lot more effort put into the clothing and hairstyles.  Some ladies would take weekly trips to the beauty salon to get their hair washed and set in rollers, then sit under noisy dryers until their hair was dry.  After that, stylists would backcomb and spray the hair stiff to make it last.  For those doing their own hair at home (and their daughters’), wet hair would be wrapped in large rollers or placed in pin curls before bed, then teased and sprayed in the morning. Yes, that means sleeping with those rollers and metal pins in!

Fifty years later, we have high quality blow dryers to speed up the process and serums to further cut down the drying time. Our fast heating irons make curling and straightening hair a breeze at home.  Our hair cuts are chosen based on lifestyle and hair type while still fitting within the wide range of current hairstyles.

There’s something to be said about the ways of styling hair in the 60s. Next time you’re too lazy to wash and dry your hair, thank your dry shampoo for giving you an extra day of style. Or maybe you’ll dedicate a few extra minutes of your morning to perfecting your hairstyle and looking your best – after all, at least you didn’t have to sleep with rollers in your hair!


* images via here, here, and here.