Moustache Season

Oh, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. November is all about the ‘Stache for cash’ to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

Here’s how it works: Mo Bros start November 1 clean-shaven and remain dedicated the cause of fine moustachery until the end of November. Mo Bros become valiant walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Everywhere a moustached man goes, he promotes the often ignored issue of men’s health.

While Mo Sistas, might not be able to grow a moustache. Women have a very important role to play during Movember. Mo Sistas need to encourage the men in their lives to grow a classic handlebar, a Fu Manchu or walrus. We need to go to Movember Galas, parties and events. And, most importantly, Mo Sistas need to remind their Mo Bros to take care of their health (every day, all year long).

Mo Sistas of Edmonton is a support group for all the Mo Sistas.  These ladies are highly dedicated to Movember, their MoBros and finding a cure for prostate cancer. Like ‘Mo Sistas of Edmonton’ on Facebook.

Ways to support Movember and take care of the men in your life:

  • Donate to every Mo Bro who asks you - lots of small donations make a big difference!
  • Buy yourself some mo’ merchandise. Nothing says Mo-Love like a pave demistache necklace.
  • Pay ‘homme-age’ to your Mo Bro’s ego by complimenting his sparse “moustache’ in the early days.
  • Promote moustache style. Visit The Lodge for inspiration from moustache style icons.
  • Encourage your Mo Bro to stay on top of his game and see a doctor regularly.
  • Attend Edmonton’s Gala Partés on November 25 at Cook County Saloon (8010 Gateway Boulevard). Buy Tickets ($20 each). 

A Personal Note

In my life, November is truly Movember. My fiancée, Dr. Ross McKenzie, fully embraces the ‘Mo. Prostate cancer has impacted our families. We weren't even aware a family member had prostate cancer until after-the-fact – sadly highlighting the reluctance to talk that often comes with men’s health issues.

And, so every year, we take it upon ourselves to talk.

For 30 days, we Movember everywhere we go – hockey games, the gym, the grocery store, nights out. Ross proudly displays his moustache and I cheer (and talk and talk).

Please join the conversation and start chatting.

Interested in donating? We won’t say no to a little help. Please visit our donation page.

Images from left to right, clockwise: Moustache Sticks (Pinterest) / Moustache Cupcakes (Pinterest) / The Moustache Grower's Guide (Chapters) / Moustache Shoes / Moustache Pillow Case Set (Urban Outfitters) / Mo Sistas of Edmonton Gear (Facebook) / Moustache Necklace (Etsy)