Treehouse TV’s “Big & Small” Brings Big Fun to Festival Place

This week, Festival Place in Sherwood Park plays host to wacky characters “Big & Small.”  These bestest best friends are lovable characters who demonstrate wonderful lessons for kids as they play games, sing songs, and resolve conflict. 

Big, a large purple character is loving, calm, and caring.  Small, his orange sidekick is loud and energetic.  Together with their friends Ruby, Twiba, and T-Rex, this crazy crew put on a fast-paced and highly interactive award-winning live show that will have children singing, dancing, and laughing in the aisles.

If you have children, they will be sure to love every moment of the hilarious comedy and sweet sentiment put on by Big & Small.

Where: Festival Place, 100 Festival Place, Sherwood Park (780-449-3378)
When: November 18 @ 11am and November 19 @ 11am
Tickets: $16 Children / $22 Adults