Gift Guide: Tracey's Favourite Things to Give

If you live in Strathcona County, you probably know Tracey. If you don't, you probably should. Tracey knows everything about her favourite little county. Every week, Tracey shares the best of Sherwood Park right here.

Tracey confesses she's a bit of a freak gift giver.... she looks for ANY occasion to give a treat or gift to someone she loves or even someone she barely knows. So here we go - Tracey's favourite things to give.... straight from Tracey.

To give you a bit of history, four things I love are: Starbucks, travel, jewelry, and desserts. Not surprisingly, then, my list is made up of items found in those categories.

1. Starbucks Mugs: Firstly, I drank the Koolaid and I fully subscribe to the majesty that is Starbucks!  I will often pick-up a mug for a co-worker on my way into work…just to say thanks, you're doing a great job.  This action is multiplied during the holidays as I regularly find myself buying friends and family new holiday-themed mugs as stocking stuffers.  I love the colors, the designs, the different sizes.  I love Starbucks mugs!  
2. Jewelry…need I say more?  While I love a great diamond, what I really love is a beautiful piece of hand crafted jewelry.  Be it a ring or necklace, is the most inspiring website.  I may not be making these beautiful pieces, but by picking the gift out for a specific friend, it's almost as though I made it myself.

3. If I could give the gift of travel I would! As feasibility eliminates that possibility, I find the next best thing is to give the DREAM of travel.  That's what a National Geographic Traveler Magazine subscription is…the dream of travel.  This reason this is such a great gift is that recipients often forget that they received it…and then every month in the mail they are reminded not only of their own travel dreams, but of me as their friend.

4. And finally butter tarts. This recipe is passed down by my mother and when growing up, it was a staple in our house during Christmas time. I love to assemble the butter tarts in a hand crafted box or basket and adorn it with some beautiful ribbon. I particularly like giving these tarts to close friends as it shows the time and effort that was put into the gift. Here is Tracey's family recipe.

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