Crave Cupcakes Opens in Edmonton

The conversation goes like this:

Did you know Edmonton has a new cupcake bakery? (Insert lots of groaning – how many does a city need?)

Tell those groaners that it’s Crave from Calgary. They’ll be begging you for directions to the shop.

During our cupcake challenge, many people discredited the competition with a nonchalant “Nothing compares to Crave cupcakes.”

So, what’s the verdict? Is Crave the best?

Grand Opening
Get your sugar rush at Crave on Thursday, February 10.  

Vanilla cake topped strawberry infused butter cream icing, chocolate cake swirled with a peanut butter icing, a cocoa cake with a hint of peppermint finished with peppermint butter cream and red sprinkles – take your pick from Crave’s line-up of lip-smacking cupcakes.

More of a cookie monster? Crave serves up a daily selection of yummy cookies.

Crave Cupcakes & Cookies (7929 104 St NW or