Designer Profile: Trisha Pasnak

Photo Credits: Amanda Diaz Photography | Designer: Trisha Pasnak | Model: Janine Smith| Hair/MUA: Nicole Ziegler

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Name: Trisha Pasnak
Occupation: Designer, Fashion Design and Custom Apparel
Current City: Edmonton, AB

Trisha Pasnak is an Edmonton-based designer known for her stunning dresses and custom designs for clients. Trisha was kind enough to answer a few questions. And, well… I love the answers. Especially when she reflects on fashion in Edmonton. Having lived on the West Coast for many years, I agree whole-heartedly. Please, read on.
- Kendall

Kendall: How do you define the Trisha Pasnak line and the vision behind it?
Trisha Pasnak (TP):
I define my line in terms of modern clothes that have a vintage sensibility. Dresses are very present in my lineup, and I think that I look back to a time when women "dressed" -- I want my designs to be playful, chic, feminine, and I hope they spark the imagination.

K: After completing the Fashion Design and Merchandise program at the Art Institute of Vancouver, why did you return to Edmonton to continue designing?
I returned to Edmonton because I found the aesthetic sensibility in Vancouver to be too laid-back, too homogenous. Edmonton is an eclectic mix of chic, stylish people who look towards fashion as an outward expression of their individuality.  My family is also here and I find their support has meant a lot!
K: Where do you find the inspiration for the patterns and colours used within your designs?
Vintage films, as cliché as it sounds, I think the actresses of the 1940s, 50s and 60s really knew how to dress. Some of the costume designers like Edith Head and Bonnie Cashin knew how to construct clothing that was practical and well-tailored, as well as glamourous.  I find when I go material shopping, I let the fabric dictate the mood and tone of my collection.

K: Tell us about the type of woman who wears your designs?
A woman who is playful. Chic. Glamourous. Someone who thinks outside the box. A woman who wants to be noticed to her style.

K: Do you believe Edmonton is a fashionable place? Do you experience challenges designing and selling in this market?
TP: I think there has always been fashionable people in Edmonton -- there is a danger in only looking towards New York, L.A., Toronto, Paris, etc as the places that epitomize or hold a monopoly on style. In Edmonton a person can buy almost anything -- designer-label fashions, vintage, independent labels -- they can create any look they want. As for selling in this market, I'll let you know when I get there. At present, I have been open to free-lance work, which has been keeping me very busy but I know that it's completely different from selling to stores and boutiques.  
K:  Do any local stores carry your designs?
No -- as I mentioned, I am working as a free-lance designers and it’s been nice designing for individual clients. I feel a great satisfaction when individuals approach me because they've seen my work and like what I'm doing. People can also see my designs in local theatre productions. I felt very fortunate to design for "Hoboeme"and "Gargamel" -- the actors really brought my costumes to life! I really love working with all these other talented artists.  

K: What do the next few years look like for Trisha Pasnak?  
I am currently working on an internet store that should be open soon, and would love to have a show at fashion week.  I think as long as there are people who enjoy wearing my clothes I will be making them.

Photo Credits: Samantha Scharf Photography | Designer: Trisha Pasnak | Model: Jennifer Tkachuk-Tremblay