Open Call for Contributors... join us!

Calling all writers, bloggers and passionate Edmontonians, City and Dale needs you!

This blog started small; a creative outlet for sharing our love for Edmonton. Now hundreds of people visit the blog everyday looking for the freshest in style, fashion, eats, drinks and local happenings.

Frankly, there are so many great things going on – we can’t keep up! We are looking for regular blog contributors to help us share all the goods.

There’s a lot to write about. Here are some ideas:

* Tasting local eats
* Beauty Trends
* Weekly Wine Pick
* Vintage Finds in the City
* Focus on the Arts
* Creative Cocktails
* Recipes using local food

Want to join the fun?

Send us a submission and include the following:

* Provide a topic you’ll blog about on a consistent basis. (choose something you love!)
* Propose a regular schedule for your contribution, i.e. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. (The frequency isn’t as important as adhering to a schedule.)
* Please submit a fully formatted post (delivered in proper HTML coded form, if possible.)
* All images must be 6oo pixels wide and high quality.
* Adhere to the tone and aesthetic.
* Please write a 2-3 sentence blurb about yourself and your talents.
* Please include any links to your website, blog or twitter.

All submissions are due Monday, May 9. Please send your submission to We’ll start sorting through the submissions and start sending love notes to the chosen ones.

Can’t wait to read the lovelies landing in our inbox!

(A little note: This is not a paid opportunity. is a collaboration of people who love sharing all aspects of the Edmonton lifestyle.)

* image via Rue Magazine.