L2 Style Launch

It’s time for a little spring fling for our wardrobes. Coup {Garment Boutique} is hosting Spring Fête – a stylish party to celebrate spring and the launch of L2 Style, a new style consulting business.

Spring Fête
What: Celebrate spring and the launch of L2 Style.
Why: The beautiful clothes Coup {Garment Boutique} and the styling advice of talents L2 Style.
Bonus: Champagne and catering by Corso 32 and Queen of Tarts.
Where: Coup Garment Boutique (#101 10137 104 Street)
When: Thursday, April 28 · 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Stylist, Lazina Mckenzie, has more flair in her pinky finger than most of us have in our entire closets. And she’s willing to share her styling tips with us through her newly launched style consulting business, L2 Style.

Lazina Mckenzie, L2 Style (lsquaredstyle.com, Facebook, Twitter)

Chatting to Edmonton’s most stylish is what we do best, so without further ado, meet Lazina.

1. Tell us the story behind L2 Style.
L2 Style was created out of my desire to help people look their absolute best in all of life`s situations.  I believe that when people look amazing they carry themselves differently, they are more confident and, honestly, they feel more attractive.

I think that understanding what makes up good, or even great, style is not rocket science. However, I strongly believe that it is a skill that many people haven’t mastered. It is this realization that led me to start L2 Style.

2. Who is the stylish person(s) behind L2 Style?
In 2006, I left my own small venture where I was working in the pre- and post- natal fitness industry and  made the move to Edmonton to go to school (obviously with my stilettos strapped to my back).    At the end of my degree, I moved into a role as a management consultant.  Throughout all of this, I had always volunteered in the community.

The common thread that runs through my previous career and life experiences is that I love to work with people and help them achieve their goals. This with particular venture, I decided to combine the common thread with my interest in style.

My vision for L2 Style is to help ALL people understand what works best for them (for their body type, style preference, age and budget).  The real reason for doing this is have people understand that how you present yourself to others really does say a lot about you.  Oftentimes, my question to people is what do you want your style to say about you?  Think about it, I bet you haven’t really done that before…

3. What makes you excited to bring L2 Style to Edmonton?
Edmonton is a big enough market that it needs the services that I’m offering, but a small enough market that some of the services that I’m offering are unique.

Slowly but surely, Edmonton is becoming a vibrant and exciting place to be.  In the few years that I’ve lived here, I have noticed this growth and am now excited to be part of it.

4. When working with clients, what retailers will you be working with?
I am pretty eager to work with some of the boutiques in downtown Edmonton.  That being said, my ultimate goal is to meet the needs (and wants) of each of my clients – this has the potential to take me to a diverse range of retailers in the city.

At the end of the day though, I am really excited about the vibrant scene in Edmonton and would like to do as much as possible to contribute to its growth.

5. What is the most exciting thing happening in fashion right now?
While there are a number of interesting things that are happening in fashion right now, such as colour-blocking (this trend can do great things to create the right illusion for different body types), fun floral prints (beware of prints that overwhelm your frame) and horizontal stripes (this look is not for everyone), I’m one who likes to keep it simple with garments that are classic.

Another thing that is happening right now – that really piques my interest – is the growth of plus-sized fashion.  I’ve been noticing for some time now that plus-sized women are fed up with the limited clothing options that have traditionally been available and are demanding cool, trendy clothes that don’t hide them but highlight their best features. There are a few trendy Edmonton retailers for plus-sized women and many great online stores with VERY trendy options.

6. What are your three classic go-to pieces?
This is a great question. The three key pieces (if I had to pick only three) that are in regular rotation in my wardrobe are:

Black cropped cigarette pants – I love how they make my legs look, especially when I’m wearing a killer pair of heels.  This really is a classic look (and a versatile garment) that can take me from the boardroom to a night out with the ladies!

A quality handbag – having a high-quality purse is something that can be worn across all seasons, for many years to come.  Although I do love a lot of the new trendy handbags out there, I’d rather have one or two really great purses that go with all of my wardrobe, instead of several lower quality ones.

Perfect, comfy jeans – Once you find that great pair of jeans that fit really well, it`s always hard to give them up when trends change.  Once I was confident that skinny jeans would be around for more than one season, I decided to take my straight-leg jeans to my tailor and have her taper them in.  I can now continue to wear the most comfy jeans ever and rock the skinnies.  My number one, super-greatest style tip is to make friends with a tailor whose work you love and trust!