A Twitter Love Note: Queen of Tarts

This is the love story of a modern day wooing.

All day, Queen of Tarts tempts us on Twitter, revealing secrets from the bakers and café chefs. They share the lunch specials, daily homemade soup and what’s fresh out of the oven – chocolate almond brioche, cheddar shorties, brownies and artisan breads.

Last week, the Queen of Tarts said three magical words: Ginger. Apricots. Scones.

We swooned, but alas could not make the trip downtown to visit the bakery. They teased us again the next day with a fresh batch. So, we begged for a repeat again for Saturday. Lucky us, Queen of Tarts said yes – completely wooing us.

On Saturday, we purchase (and ate) 6 ginger-apricot scones. Queen of Tarts – you have our hearts.

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