Missed Eat Alberta Conference? Read this!

This past weekend, a hands-on food conference called Eat Alberta: A Celebration of Our Local Food Heroes, quietly took place in the basement of Enterprise Square.

Given its roaring success, next year’s Eat Alberta won’t happen so quietly. Already, the attendees are loudly begging for more demonstration workshops, tasting sessions and presentations. The 2012 Eat Alberta Conference will sell out quickly to local foodies wanting to connect with leaders in the Edmonton food community – farmers, chefs, and local food advocates.

Can’t wait until next year? We’ve got you covered with our little guide below.

Gardening & Growing
Read: Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces
Buy your seeds: Salt Spring Seeds
Learn: Discover more about Sundog Organic Farm

Buy: Local Artisan Goat Cheese – Smokey Valley Goat Cheese

Pasta Making
Take a cooking class with Get Cooking
Buy: Hand Pasta Cutter
On the Blog: Pasta Making

Transcend Coffee Tasting
Do: Transcend Coffee Tasting ($45)
Buy:  Monthly delivery of fresh coffee: Transcend Coffee Subscription ($125)
Read: The Professional Barista's Handbook ($50) by Scott Rao
Read: Everything but Espresso ($35) by Scott Rao

Honey Tasting
Do: Book a private honey tasting
Read: Covered in Honey by Mani Niall
On the blog: The Honey Traveler
Attract bees: Plant lavender, thyme, chives, garlic, mint and catnip.
Make: Lola Canola Honey Bran Muffins

Recaps from the Blogosphere
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