Hot for Tea

This Wednesday's Weekly is a highlight of Edmonton's most aromatic teas. From matcha and chai to oolong and red, enjoy this tea-ser of all the local loose leaf in town.

Have you been on the hunt for your favourite new flavour? We have a recommendation at Teaopia; start with the two types of tea samples available when you entered the store." Who can say no to a free sample? We love the Japanese Cherry Green Tea. "It's sweet, but not too sweet and doesn't have an overpowering green tea flavour or after taste." Sounds tea-rrific!

What do grapefruit Grey, rooibos tangerine, and coconut sencha have in common? They're just a few of the unique teas you can find at Acquired Tastes, just off 124 Street. We really enjoyed our tea time sniffing through the blends, distinguishing one from the next. Sounds like just our cup of tea!

We're loving Yelp because it's the voices of thousands of Edmontonians sharing their favourite spots. Here, Brittany shares some highlights, you can catch the rest of the Weekly picks every Wednesday.