Choosing the Right Beer Glass

Does the type of glass you use make any difference to the beer you pour into it? The short answer is yes. Like wine, each beer style has a type of glassware best suited to match it. The glass you choose can impact characteristics of the beer such as aroma and taste.

Here’s a look at some of the most common:

Tulip – This one could get by on looks alone. But its shape also has a purpose as it is designed to trap aromas and allow for a foamy head on the beer.

Snifter – Best suited for what we’ll call “sipping brews”, such as imperial stouts and barleywine.

Pint glass – The classic. It has a wide mouth which makes for easy drinking (in moderation, of course).

Shaker glass – It’s maybe the most under-appreciated—and also the most widely used. It’s the standard go-to. It doesn’t do anything amazing for the beer it holds, but it does keep it safe. Added bonus: it’s cheap to replace. There’s a reason most restaurants and pubs use them.

If you’re looking to acquaint yourself with different glass styles, check out the Sugarbowl. They know their beer—and the glasses to pair them with.