Local Edmonton Microbreweries

Here in Edmonton, we are fortunate to have three independent microbreweries within the city limits—something we should all take advantage of.

Alley Kat Brewing Company: The largest and oldest of the three, Alley Kat has been brewing great beer since 1995. Their regular beer line-up consists of Aprikat, Full Moon Pale Ale, Charlie Flint’s Lager and Alley Kat Amber. They’ve also brewed specialty beers for Sherbrooke Liquor, taken on monthly cask nights at The Sugar Bowl and Next Act Pub, rolled out a new “Big Bottle” (650 ml) specialty series and even hosted a chocolate and beer tasting with Kerstin’s Chocolates. Try: Alley Kat Brewberry.

Amber’s Brewing Company: On the scene since 2007, Amber’s currently bottles four different beers: Sap Vampire Maple Lager, Australian Mountain Pepper Berry Lager, Kenmount Road Chocolate Stout and Lunch Pale Ale. Try: Amber’s Australian Mountain Pepper Berry Lager.

Yellowhead Brewery – Opened last year, Yellowhead inhabits the former home of Maverick Brewing in downtown Edmonton. They currently focus on one beer, that being their Yellowhead Premium Lager. Try: I think you can guess this one.

Next time you’re shopping for beer, consider one of the great, local, independent offerings brewed right here in our city. Better yet, call one of them up and arrange a tour to learn about the beer and the care that goes in to making each one.

Photo credit: John Shermack via See Magazine