On Your Market, Get Set…Go to Sherwood Park!

Rain or shine, if you’re looking for fresh produce, sweet treats, joyful spirit, and lots of fun, you’ll find it all and more every Wednesday at the Sherwood Park Farmers’ Market. 

Located at Festival Place in central Sherwood Park and in existence since 1982, the market is a fantastic example of when entrepreneurship joins with culture and goes on a hot date with community.

Over 100 vendors make up the market and navigating your way through the busy aisle will surely find you saying hello to a neighbor, kissing a baby (or two!), or petting a puppy while emptying your pocket and filling your belly.  Local Alberta farmers, artists, and bakers set up their stalls side-by-side galley-style, offering visitors a chance to buy vegetables in every colour of the rainbow. There are produce vendors at your left and right, shooting smiles and displaying organic fruits and vegetables rich with nutrition and flavour.  Without fail you will fall in love with the deep purple beets and shockingly orange carrots while temping yourself with delectable treats that demand attention. You won’t be able to stay away from the local favorite golden yellow kettle popcorn and strawberry cupcakes topped with fluffy icing straight from heaven.  

To maximize your market experience, meander slowly down one side of the aisle, pausing at each stall to try a sample and banter with the vendor.  Stop a minute at Cinnamon Girl and drool over their delicious cinnamon buns, breads, and muffins; learn about birdhouses and bat houses from Purple Martin Man; pick-up some free range meat for dinner at Serben Free Range; and marvel at the intricate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at Trinket’s Jewelry.  Wherever you choose to stop, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with conversation from vendors who are proud of their product and proud of their community. 

Sherwood Park Farmer’s Market (780.464.3354, sherwoodparkfarmersmarket.ca)
Where: Festival Place (100 Festival Way, Sherwood Park)
When: Wednesdays between 5pm-8pm.


*Images via Farmers' Market Online.