Sunshine in a Glass

Summer and beer were meant to be together. Add a patio and friends into the mix and you have a great way to spend a few hours. Or, in some cases, kill an entire day.

With summer officially kicking off next week, now is the perfect time to broaden your beer horizon and try something new.
Many people prefer lighter, less challenging brews when sipping in the sun. And a number of great beers are up to the challenge of satisfying your thirst and at the same time offering up great flavour. What you choose will depend on the type of beer you enjoy.

There are some straight up lagers that are great in the sun. One such beer is Yukon Brewing’s Chilkoot Lager. Brewed in Whitehorse, this beer is pretty easy to find around the city and is the perfect alternative to mainstream macro lagers.

Wheat ales are also a popular choice in the summer. Of course, the one that will first come to mind for many is a patio favourite - Big Rock’s Grasshopper. Grasshopper is a filtered wheat ale. On the other side is the unfiltered variety. These ones have great  flavour and, contrary to popular habit, are best enjoyed sans lemon wedge. A couple to check out: Wild Rose Brewery’s Velvet Fog and Unibroue’s Blanche de Chambly.

These beers are perfect in the sunshine. See you on the patio.