Happy 25th Birthday to Notables Stationary

For all the big moments in our lives, we turned to Notables Stationary for wedding invites, birthday cards and birth announcements.

Today, we’re lighting birthday candles for Notables Stationary.

Now that Notables Stationary is all grown up (25 years old!), a birthday is just another candle on the cake. So while we’re busy eating way too much cake, Notables Stationary is doing what they do best – giving. On June 21, 25% of all sales will support the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation, promoting early childhood education and literacy.

Join the birthday gift giving and stock-up on leather journals, fine writing instruments and photo albums.

Birthday Party!
What: A 25th birthday party for a beloved independent Edmonton stationary store.
Why: Lots product prizes, $100 gift certificates, a $500 Wedding Invitation set, and Pandora knot tying and bracelet restyling.
Where: Notables Stationary (12543-102 Avenue, notables.ca)
Tuesday, June 21 from 10am-5:30pm