A Glorious Canada Day BBQ

Smack dab in the middle of the year, July 1st is a point of summer leverage for many. A landmark for travel plans, fitness goals, and summer fetes. Luckily for all of us Canadian eh-sayers, Canada Day happily falls on this mid-year milestone, allowing us a day of freedom to celebrate independence, time together and most of all, sunshine.

So get those fireworks ready, unfold your old school (and oh-so-patriotic) red-and-white-checkered tablecloths, because this at year’s BBQ your guests will surely leave with many glowing hearts!

1.  Tea Tin Centerpieces: Friendly for picnic tables to bedsheets on the grass, these tea tin centerpieces happily add a colorful vintage touch.

2. Grub: Snack away on refreshing and cool crudite veggies dipped in a minted pea yoghurt dip.

3. Tunes: A Canadian holiday syncs perfectly with a new album from Canadian pride and joy Simple Plan.  So go on!  Get Your Heart On!

4. Shades:  Cute and trendy, these Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses promise to satisfy the girly-girl in you.

5. Old Fashioned Parachute Games:  Pay tribute to the good ol’ days with an easy to acquire, easy to inspire old school parachute.  Fun for any size group of any age – now that’s one size fits all!

6. BBQ Hostess outfit:  Play hostess in this flirty Summer Thistle Strappy Playsuit from FCUK.

7. Dessert:  No diet will be able to resist a gelato served in a dip dyed ice cream cones.  So stop waffling, and enjoy!

8. Sparklers:  Don’t forget to pack your sparklers so you can create fireworks of your own!

9. Drink – Feel elegant and outdoorsy with this Rose Punch that is sure to do more than quench your guests’ thirst!