Local craft beer enthusiasts join forces

From breweries, to restaurants and pubs, to stores, to individuals, we’re fortunate here in Edmonton to have a number of ardent supporters of craft beer.

Interest in craft beer continues to grow and with that comes new ideas and new ways to engage people. Enter Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous.

According to their website, the idea behind Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is to “develop an outlet for craft beer enthusiasts and their passion - give them the atmosphere to actively taste, debate, and share all things beer. By doing so this group will foster the growing sense of community within the beer scene in Edmonton.”

The group will be meeting at Wunderbar on a monthly basis. If you have yet to visit Wunderbar, now’s your chance. They have a phenomenal selection of craft beer from across Canada and around the world.  The best part: the beers are all on display for you to admire. It is a highly appropriate venue for a meeting of craft beer lovers.

Check the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous website for details on upcoming events and ways to connect with the group.