Colour is not a beer style

Despite the marketing behind some of the “major label” beers, using the colour in the name does not speak to the style of beer in the bottle. The majority of these beers are actually ales and lagers. Colour is only one characteristic of the beer.

Here's a rundown on a few of the beer styles you’ll encounter.

Lagers - One of the most common lager styles you’ll come across is yellow, has lots of carbonation, is mass-produced and consumed in large quantities at sporting events. Many of the big name lagers contain what are referred to as adjunct ingredients such as rice and corn.

Ales - Many of the ales you’ll find in our neck of the woods are amber or red in colour. The colour comes from the darker malts used to make the beer. More malt-focused, these beers tend to be smooth without too much bite.

Stouts - These are dark and delicious and full of flavour and come in a few variations. While Guinness is probably the one that comes to mind when you think of this beer style, there are many great ones to check out. Don’t let the colour scare you. These beers are meant to be savoured.