Round Up: Sherwood Park's Best Parks

If you can smell fresh-cut grass in the air, feel soft sand under your feet, and see children in swimsuits running amok, there’s a good chance you’re at a park.  

The community park is experiencing renewed popularity and families in Sherwood Park are embracing it with full vigor. Every day of the week, moms and dads are meeting up with other families to pass some time at their local park. It’s a simple and affordable recipe for summer fun - round up the kids, slap on some sunscreen, pack up a lunch, toss in a towel, and head to the park. 

Here are a few of our favorites in Sherwood Park:

Peace Park, located inside Broadmoor Lake Park, is one of Sherwood Park’s largest parks with multi-functional climbing apparatus, full-size swings, a sand pit, a covered picnic area, and immediate access to the lake. This is a great spot for spending an entire afternoon.

Cloverbar Ranch Park sits on Jim Common Drive and is nicknamed the ‘bug park’ because of its modern-looking bug-like climbing structures. The best thing about this park, aside from its two extra-large slides that play hosts to older toddlers, is the spray deck, which is open from 10:00 am daily.

Regency Drive is home to Sherwood Park’s Fire Park in the Foxboro neighbourhood. This park is only two years old and offers a modern and hip feel with a wide array of climbing and playing options for kids of all ages. The park boasts a fire truck structure, which is a big hit with the community.

Trillium School Park, located on Cloverbar Road, is a great destination playground. This park is massive, with two separate areas. When school is in, it services kids from elementary to junior high from the Catholic and public school programs. With one park for each group, the two areas offer climbing apparatus, a variety of slides in many sizes and shapes, full-size swings, bridges, and gymnastic-style rings. 

Whether you ‘park it’ down the street or across the city, a visit to a community park is a great family-friendly way to spend a sunny day.