White Party: Writing on the Wall

It’s the breath in the middle of a poem. The heartbeat before you jump. The pause before the last note of a soft song. White space, when used strategically, can create an air of longing, style, and mystery; and white space at your event is no different.

Thanks to companies like blik, boring, ordinary wall space can become strategic white space in no time. Whether used to draw your guests’ eye to a particular feature, offer inspiration or guidance, or to simply enhance the experience, these self-adhesive decals are sure to compliment any décor.

Offering pre-populated designs or a customizable option from as low as $25, any host or hostess can happily purchase a wall decal that suits their event, venue, or theme. Through a process of easy application (and equally easy removal), these zero-mess, self-adhesive works of art turn your entire event into an artistic masterpiece, and unique to say the least.

So match your colors, customize your theme or just allow the artist within to communicate with your guests.

It’s entirely your decision, but we think the writing’s on the wall.

* Images via blik