Fresh, Fabulous, FAMOSO

For years Sherwood Park has cried out for a fresh new eating experience and finally the much-loved fast-casual restaurant chain Famoso is answering the call. 

In spite of being home to more than 30 sit-down restaurants, the eating-out experience in Sherwood Park has grown stale with regularity. That will change this week, however, when Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria spreads its wings and expands east from Edmonton into Sherwood Park.

Opening this week and located at the corner of Baseline and Broadmoor, the Sherwood Park Famoso will give the community a dining experience that will tempt your palate and satisfy yours taste buds at an ultra- reasonable price.

Known for its drive to deliver Italian authenticity and warm restaurant atmosphere, Famoso specializes in offering mouth-watering fire-roasted pizza, to pizza lovers. The Famoso fare adheres strictly to the Napoletana standard, which calls for using special ‘00’ flour, fresh San Marzano tomatoes, and baking the pizza for only 90 seconds in a 900°F oven. These rules ensure that the passion and purity of authentic Neapolitan pizza is maintained and even highlighted, creating a savory, delicious pizza pie.

Complimenting their offering of 17+ hand-stretched pizzas varieties is a menu of fresh salads, beer and wine, and delicious Italian desserts and gelato. The Famoso concept, wherein visitors seat themselves and order at the counter, allows for a quick quality Italian meal or a long, multi-course stay with friends and family. 

Treat yourself to Famoso and as you sit enjoying your pizza, pause a moment to imagine yourself walking down the streets of Naples.  Close your eyes softly and take in a deep breath. That smell…that warm feeling deep in your tummy…that’s Italy baby.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (
Where: Baseline and Broadmoor, Sherwood Park
When: Monday-Thursday: 11am - 11pm, Friday-Saturday: 11am - Midnight, Sunday: Noon - 11pm