Alberta Microbreweries

As we’ve touched on before, Edmonton is home to three great microbreweries – Yellowhead, Alley Kat and Amber’s. But did you know that Alberta is home to nine other microbreweries? Here’s a look at a few of them.

Jasper Brewing Company: This brewpub is the perfect place to stop after a day of fun in Jasper. Opened in 2005, they offer a nice range of beers and have great food. What more could you want after spending a day in the mountains? They also conveniently sell their beer in take-home bottles, so no need to try them all in one afternoon. In 2010 they opened a second brewpub in Banff – the Banff Ave. Brewing Company. Try: Rockhopper IPA.

Big Rock Brewery: The granddaddy of microbreweries in Alberta. Founded in 1984, Calgary-based Big Rock is by far the most widely distributed microbrew in the province and chances are good that you’ve tried their Traditional or Grasshopper ales.

Wild Rose Brewery: This Calgary brewery got its start in 1996 and has quickly become a favourite of our southern neighbours. Wild Rose currently has six different beers in its regular line-up and also offers up a few limited edition seasonals each year. Try: Wild Rose Brown Ale

Grizzly Paw Brewing Company: This Canmore brewery opened in 1996. Starting out as a brewpub, in 2004 it moved to microbrewery status and its beers are now available across the province. The brewpub in Canmore remains a popular spot known not only for great beer and food, but also for its microbrewed sodas. Try: Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat Ale.