Mercury Opera presents Madame Butterfly

You’re highly cultured: you’ve been to the theatre, the symphony and even a poetry reading. But opera? You’d rather sit through that awful Fringe play again.
Mercury Opera will change your mind with its latest production, Madame Butterfly. Instead of performing in an old half-empty theatre, Mercury Opera stages imaginative opera in non-traditional settings. Puccini’s tragic Madame Butterfly will be performed under the stars in Giovanni Caboto Park smack in the middle of Edmonton's Little Italy.

Before you get swept away in an intimate operatic experience, you’ll fill your belly with spirits and eats. Your ticket includes a nightly Gala Reception hosted by Zocalo Gallery, Delish Custom Cakes and Sweets, and Spinelli’s Bar Italia. You’ll stroll to various reception sites (see map below) located along Via Italia to sample local fare and enjoy drinks sponsored by Barefoot Wines and Amber’s Brewing. Then, it's off to the Opera.

Go ahead - buy a ticket. We promise, you’ll be singing praises.

What: Madame Butterfly
Where: Via Italia - Giovanni Caboto Park (9403 - 109A Avenue)
Tickets: $67.50 (Tix on the Square)
When: Tuesday, August 23 – Saturday, August 27. Gala Reception begins at 6pm, Madame Butterfly commences at 8pm.

'In Your Face Opera' - Mercury Opera

Mercury Opera founder and artistic director, Darcia Parada, is an Edmonton-native. Mercury Opera was first established in Manhattan, New York in 1999. Darcia set out to make her beloved art form, the opera, more accessible to audiences who might find it intimidating.

The story below was written by Devon Bryce. It was intended for publication in the now obsolete Merge Magazine. Eager to share the story behind Mercury Opera, we are delighted to publish the article here (with a City and Dale layout!). Please read and be inspired.