A Beer for Every Season

It makes sense, right? Just as certain foods are best enjoyed in the hot sun and others better suited for cold winter nights, the same can be said for beer.  Now, obviously, it ultimately comes down to personal preference, but as we prepare to make the transition from summer to fall (yes, I said it), here is one you may want to consider giving a try – pumpkin ale.

Some pumpkin ales use real pumpkin and some opt for a simulated taste. Spices like cinnamon cloves and all-spice are used to give this style of beer its unique flavour that is perfect for a crisp, fall evening. Among those available in Alberta are Howe Sound’s Pumpkineater Imperial Pumpkin Ale and Alley Kat’s Pumpkin Pi Spiced Ale. The Howe Sound version will arrive in Alberta this week and I imagine Alley Kat’s will not be too far behind.

The next Alley Kat cask night takes place at Next Act Pub on Tuesday, September 6th at 6 p.m. The beer will be a double hopped Oktoberfest lager. As always, be sure to arrive early as tables fill up fast and the beer tends to go quick.