Countryside Campout


With Autumn fashions slowly sneaking into store windows, we cannot help but wish that time would slow down and summer would cancel her departure for just a few more days (or months)!    But, before you give those “Autumn Blues” a chance to creep in, why not gather a few friends in the car, pack the telescope tightly in the trunk, and head out for one last Countryside Campout?

A Countryside Campout is a fun, outdoors-y event that require as much or as little planning as you want!  Whether the venue is a summer cottage or a survival tent, small touches and décor are always sure to please.  The only disappointment your guests might encounter is if your ghost story is a chick flick!

1) Handkerchief Invitations:  These handy creations are a DIY project sure to set your Countryside Campout off right!  Include a map to the venue, a packing checklist, or a unique ghost story on each one.

2) Hanging Lights:  Rustic and easy, string a few hanging lightbulbs around the cottage and light some candles to ensure a glow that is warm and flattering.

3)  Feather Accent Braid:  Keep your hair away from the bonfire, and add a chic little detail like a feather to stay earthy and themed!  Want to keep your feather in your cap and out of your hair?  No problem!  Try to weave a string of hemp or an earthy-toned ribbon through the braid for a different effect.

4)  Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes:  While you are gathered around the campfire, a sweet treat to go with your sing-along is a marshmallow milkshake that is sure to make your vocal chords smile.

5) S’More to Go!  Have your guests take home a piece of the Countryside heaven with these adorable s’more packages that will leave them wanting… more!

6) Hay Chairs:  Seat guests on these comfy and unique hay chairs where they can huddle and cuddle around the campfire!

7) Tree Stump Centerpieces:  Feel free to unleash the inner lumberjack by constructing these easy centerpieces made from tree stumps.  Eco-friendly and eco-pretty, these chic additions will impress your guests in no time.

8) Scary Stories:  Move over Hitchcock, there’s a new gal in town!  Pick up this exact replication of the 1923 scary story compilation that is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Images Via: 1. A Subtle Revelry  2. Abby Ross Weddings 3. A Subtle Reverly 4. Camille Styles 5. Elizabeth Anne Designs 6. Style Me Pretty 7. Camille Styles 8. Indigo