Read our Lips!


A change of season brings about welcomed changes in wardrobes, makeup palettes, and hairstyles.  One of the unwelcomed changes - dry lips, can easily be cured by adding a fun new beauty product to your collection!  Lip scrubs exfoliate dry, rough skin from your lips leaving them soft, silky smooth, and (most importantly) kiss-ready!

Rub the sugar-based scrubs on dry lips and wipe off with a warm, damp cloth. Finish off by applying your favorite lip conditioner.

Try one of our picks a few times a week or even every day for the perfect pout. Psst! These can be used to prime your lips for our new favorite Ilia Pure Lip Care!

1. Sara Happ – the lip scrub(available at LUX Beauty Boutique)

Lip Scrub Trail Blazer: Sara Happ credits herself as the one who started the lip scrub phenomenon in 2005 with the lip scrub.  Seven flavors to try and love – see why other beauty companies added a product like Sara’s to their line.

2. Fresh – Brown Sugar Lip Polish(Sephora)

3. The Body Shop – Lip Scuff(The Body Shop)

4. Philosophy – Kiss Me(Sephora)