Meatless and the City: Noorish Café

Vegetarians, vegans and raw food lovers are flocking to Noorish Café (a “Conscious Eatery and Superfood Elixir Bar”.) Surprisingly, meat eaters are too!

The family-owned community-operated restaurant focuses on plant-based and whole foods.  But you won’t find stereotypical vegetarian items like tofu and raw veggie sticks. Instead you’ll feast on coconut curry quinoa bowls and chickpea burgers topped with herbed cashew cream and walnut basil pesto, leaving you surprisingly full. 

Desserts are light though, as they’re made with cashew cream and natural sweeteners.  (Try the coconut kiwi lime pie, it’s divine!)

Aside from organic wine, the bar serves up fresh juices, smoothies and herbal tonics that can help balance, heal or energize you, depending on your mood.

The space also holds a teaching kitchen, retail space and yoga studio! This reflects the lifestyles of the three siblings who own Noorish. Sheniz, Ayaaz, and Adil:

have been passionately immersed in conscious living, holistic health, spiritual evolution and community development in Edmonton and internationally for over a decade.

With options for the body, mind and soul, whether you’re a meat eater or a veggie lover, you’re sure to find noorishment!

Noorish Café ( 8440- 109th Street, 780.756.6880,