Stay Pretty in 2012


Resolution: be prettier.  Improving your life and having a great 2012 doesn’t need to be hard. All we need to do is pick up on one (or two…or all) of these easy beauty resolutions that should already be part of everyone’s routine. 

Drink plenty of water.  All legitimate health benefits aside, when you drink the correct amount of water your body needs, it eventually shows through your skin in the form of a healthy looking glow.  Shoot for at least six to eight glasses a day.

Get the right kind of shampoo and conditioner.  You wear your hair everyday; so invest in it.  Get a professional hairstylist to recommend a shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type. The right home care products make your hair do what you want - they can fight the heat of your daily flat ironing, or give you the bounce you’re trying to achieve while tangling your hair in a big round brush. 

Our favourite:Kerastase! A limited amount of salons in the city sell this line of shampoos and conditioners. Every salon selling Kerastase needs to be staffed with salon experts. Get the right combination of hair products prescribed for you and never look back on other products

Throw a cuticle oil pen in your purse. It’s fun to use, easy to carry around with you, and you won’t miss dry cuticles and hangnails. Ease into your new habit with this one from Sephora

Remove makeup before bed. Every day. How many times do you have to be told? There are so many options now – liquids, presoaked pads, cleansing cloths – find what works for you and commit to it. We like Lancome Bi-facil Eye Makeup Remover (available at The Bay and Shopper’s Beauty Boutiques)

It is good to have a facial moisturizer with sunscreen in it, but what is more important is a foundation with sunscreen.  Foundation is applied after moisturizer and can be reapplied during the day.  Most brands have at least one formula with SPF available; if your foundation doesn’t have it switch to the SPF version of your shade. 

Try something new – a bold lipstick shade, foundation primer, a luxurious essential oil blend for your face, a new nail polish shade, get new makeup brushes, go for a facial.