shop:: Lingerie at My Filosophy Whyte Avenue

This past September marked eight years of success for My Filosophy’s Whyte Avenue location. To celebrate, they’re re-launching the store with an expanded (and wonderful) lingerie section! With the addition of the lingerie lines, My Filosophy can now complete a woman’s wardrobe from head to toe!

They have brought in two new specialty lines designed for women of all cup sizes from A to H. They can fit you properly and help you pick out under garments that will work best with your body. They even have a line called Curvy Kate that gives the option of pretty, stylish bras for larger chested women.

Looking for Spanx? Come to My Filosophy – they have styles and fabrics you can’t find in a department store. Their Spanx come in a variety of coverage, and fabrics that are deceivingly light that will be invisible under slinky fabrics and do the trick without making you feel like a sausage. Seriously, you need to try these on to believe they work, that’s how thin they are!

Oh and let’s not forget our original connection to Hanky Panky underwear – did you know My Filosophy is Canada’s largest buyer in Canada? They have the biggest selection of all the fun, novelty patterns and a plethora of solid colours. Looking for a particularly hard-to-find style? Just ask. They have tons of them tucked away in drawers in all sizes and styles.

Stop by the Whyte Avenue location and check it out. While you’re there, pick up your ticket to My Filosophy’s upcoming High Fashion Fundraiser, held at Matrix Hotel on Friday, November 2nd!

My Filosophy 10744-82 Avenue (780.432.8001,